Dear Heavenly Father,

we come to you and ask that you pour out grace and mercy upon those in need. Those who need

a financial blessing, those who need a reassurance that you are Here with us, singing your song

over us, and that we believe all things are possible. We believe you are here with us in great

presence to give more to us, and bless us abundantly and Glorify your Son Jesus who died for us,

we thank you that we cast all those worries upon you, because you care for us. We ask for more

wisdom, more joy and to heal any broken areas in our lives so we can do what is neccessary for

others and be a drink offering to them. We thank you for the Word and it's healing power. We

thank you that you give us "JOY" in You alone and the strength that lifts our weariness and our

hope restored. We pray that our enemies will be blessed abudantly and hearts will be

softened towards your Spirit of Grace and Mercy and Love and forgiveness. We thank you that

you sent Jesus for our gift for the Kingdom of God is found within, and we have access to you

whenever we may need you. Thank you for blessings our family, friends, and church family. We

thank you for all the blessings bestowed upon us as we deliver those up to you who need a

helping hand of your grace. We ask that you bless those in other countries who do not know

you Lord and we bless those in situations that test their hearts and soul that is not in their

control, that you raise them up in You to shine your face upon them. We thank you Lord, that

we can believe by faith what was given to us from the beginning. Thank you Jesus for all that

you have done for us and we can seek to know this as like a treasure. In Jesus Name. Amen


Dear Heavenly Father we come to you with all our concerns and cares and cast them upon you. Father, we look to the Heavens and know ,You are on the Throne, our Only Righteous and Wise King.

We thank you that you want all our daily frustrations, hurts, hangups and heartaches. You love our fellowship and intimacy so much. We cherish the time we spend in prayer and give our hearts fully to you in every area of our lives fully trusting that you are Powerful and All wise. We trust that knowing no matter what may be going on around us, externally, you are still in control. You know what we need before we even ask. And we ask Father, for more of you in a Niagra Falls in pouring for a Rapture of hearts and soul. We thank you that the faith in us is given by hearing your Word. We believe All your promises are true and that when we come to you and give our repentative humble hearts to you, we are completely and quickly forgiven. Show us ourselves so that we may become more like your Son Jesus, draw us even nearer and nearer each and every day. Let us not grow weary in well doing, for we know the rewards we reap will be bountiful and we ask that you remove any and all burdens we were not meant to carry. And the burdens we do carry, we thank you for entrusting us with more of You my Love, we gladly welcome to help and comfort those in need as we look for the needs in others.

Thank you Father for the protection of our families, church families and friends and neighbors. We ask that you come and fill us with an abundance of your healing love so that we may worship and know you more deeply and praise and worship you more intimately. Thank you for sending us you Son Jesus for making this all possible and thank you for allowing us the gift of salvation and freely tasting your living waters. The world has not known you, but I know you Father, and I am so thankful for your loving mercy and grace you generously bestow upon each and every one of us. We love you Jesus Christ and we love you Father God and we lift our voices up to you in sharing Your Healing Word and Power of Love. In Jesus Name, Amen.

If you would like prayer and have a prayer request, please send it to: melissahyatt33@gmail.com

Would love to pray for you.