96.7 FM Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am in Indianapolis-TUNE IN FOR OUR PROGRAM JESUS IS LORD

This week on Sunday at 10:30 AM, 

Please tune in Sunday at 10:30 am to hear an AWE inspiring message for those who are listening.

Be Blessed in the Name of Jesus and know that the hour is now, to seek God when He is able to

be found and be grateful and receive His peace.

God is a God who forgives. God gives. It's that simple. So, no judge on earth can

keep you "PAYING" for anything. God forgave me instantly when I confessed my sins to Him

and delighted in forgiving me. It isn't up to people to decide what your sins deserve, if God

judges us by our sins, THERE WOULD BE NO FLESH LEFT. God delights in those who walk in Truth.

So, come and receive God's forgiveness. The Lord has given me the fullness of Christ and He

is faithful in standing By His Word on your behalf. So, be prepared to know the truth that

sets you free from guilt condemnation, shame, inferiority or anything else that hinders

your knowledge of the truth of God. Ignorance, hardening of your hearts that keeps you from

receiving God's compassionate love and comfort and healing. A Bridge of Hope that extends

to you for you.