96.7 FM Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am in Indianapolis-TUNE IN FOR OUR PROGRAM JESUS IS LORD

This week on Sunday at 10:30 AM-96.7 FM/1500 AM- tune in to "Jesus Is Lord"

Please tune in to hear an AWE inspiring message for those who are listening.


Please tune in and be "AWE" inspired by understanding the times...."end of old things" ,

How God wants to be known personally in a supernatural way,

to give to those in the dark and wake up the dead.

I have loved righteousness and hated wickedness and because God came to me, I was able

to overcome ALL my sinful nature and follow Him by faith. This truly is without question

the AWE inspiring message of the "GREAT GOSPEL", as I call it, to make JESUS KNOWN SO

ABUNDANTLY. Lifting up Jesus in the mysterys' of Christ of a supremacy found by finding

Him or understanding the hour in which He comes for you....

 and being led by God in this manifold wisdom of God found within,

the gift of sight of heart to your vision and

to be a part of a world renown phenomona that ONLY GLORIFIES GOD.

The Marriage Feast of the Lamb that God our Father prepared us to receive and sharing in

celebration who He truly is.

For the Lord is with me, saith the Lord.