Happy Anniversary to Israel Rebirth of the nation since 1948.

Israel, The Lord and I stand with you in that gap to be reconciled in heart and spirit to your

Long awaited Messiah.

Also, I want to mention that this ministry and servant supports Mike Evans Friends of Zion

Ministry for Israel. We support his testimony, we support his cause and we stand with him with

Israel as a Nation Protected under the Almighty Hand. Jesus Christ is here in Great Power and

Glory and we want Israel to know this. We want Israel to know how much we love them, and

have sought to know the plan of God in this hour for them and all the people of the earth who

believe on God's Son and what He has done for us. How much more blessed will the rest of the

world be when the Jewish Nation, Israel, know Jesus as their long awaited Messiah.

You have been in our prayers diligently for over 13 years, and the peace of Jerusalem. We also

know that Mike Evans and his wife and family have been faithful followers and servants of the

Lord Jesus Christ for His Chosen people and we support him 100%.

Also, we support Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel who supports Mike Evans and

his Kingdom cause for Christ fighting for freedom for God's chosen people. God changes not,

and the promises of yesterday for Israel are alive and valid for today and it's future in all of

prosperity found in the riches and treasures of the Kingdom of God since Jesus came to us over

2000 years ago. The time is now, and as one whom God appeared to, I want Israel to know

they are safe in the Arm of God's Love and protection. He is their rear guard and they will not

be forsaken nor forgotten any longer in history. This generation of people, especially His

chosen Jewish people in Israel, will encounter their Messiah and See Him, and their eyes will

be opened to know Him intimately. The spiritual stronghold of blindness that has blocked the

minds and hearts for so long is removed, in Jesus Name.

Jesus has asked me twice today, "What do you want me to do for you?" , and this is what I

want, For His Nation Israel to see and know Jesus Christ their true Messiah in Spirit and heart.

For the Nation as a whole to be reborn, not just celebating a rebirth of the nation after 70

years, it is time for the people to experience Jesus Christ intimately and in Great Power of His


And maybe then, Israels' enemies will see the goodness of God's love on His own People that

is long overdue for celebrating the Cross and Deed of Christ and they will desire too, to know

this One True God who loves them all with a non waivering conviction of spirit in truth that

God is a God who is who He says He is and that He does care OH SO MUCH ABOUT ALL PEOPLE OF THE EARTH!

Let is be so according to what is written, Let this be fulfilled in your listening ears

today. In Jesus Name.