May. 27, 2018


You don't have to say sorry for how you laugh,
how you dress, how you do your hair, how you do your makeup,
your opinion, how you feel, how you see the world,
how you speak, what you want, how you chose to live, what you believe,
who God is to you, who Jesus is to you, what path to follow, what
path to lead, which way to drive, what you think, who you follow, your political beliefs,
your views, your dreams, the Truth you know, what life means to you.... and so on......

You don't have to be sorry for being yourself. Do it fearlessly. It's time to accept:

THIS IS YOU and you gotta spend the rest of your life with yourself. You can't care what

other people think. God is the potter and you are molded into Glorious perfection. No

one can judge that about you or even try. Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot do

something in life. EVER! Let your haters be your motivators.

So start loving "YOU" abundantly, fearlessly, generously, fiercely of who God created you to

be in HIM. Protect what God has deposited in you for Himself and guard your heat. You only belong to God and

God alone.

Make no apologies for you in Christ. Your not going to please all people, your going to have

haters in life, many if your a Christian. It's okay, really. You have to love you first to be

okay with many who may not like you because it's their problem, which has nothing to do

with who you are.

Love your awkwardness, your weirdness, your peculiar habits, your unique sense of humor,

your voice, your talents, your everything. Share who you are with reservations and

restrictions. Be You unafraid. And STAND on your own, even if all forsake you. God will

never abandon you. When God speaks to you, that He is with you, believe Him, GOD IS WITH

YOU!. You cannot fail. Don't give up trying.

Thomas Edison's teacher said he was "too stupid to learn anything." He was fired from his
first two jobs for being non-productive. Thomas Edison as an inventor made at least 1000
unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.

Successful people never give up. They already know that they will be successful and

sometimes that kind of success takes patience to endure and learn many things.

Only God knows where He is taking you and only you. No one else can do what God has

put in you to come to pass. And other's unbelief and doubts doesn't matter, only if you allow

it to keep you from your God given destiny. No one else has a say in your life but you and

it should always be that way. Thank your enemies to helped you get to your destiny quicker, because without them, you may not have seen God's Light so clearly and Hear His
voice so plainly.

Two ways to receive learn from, or learn what not to do.

Love it, and Own it. You've got this now,

Prove it to yourself.

Melissa Hyatt

Bella and Me