The Name of God IS my inheritance

Be Encouraged in The Lord

Think not that you made the world. Illusions, yes!

But what is true in the earth and Heaven is beyond your naming. When you call upon a

brother, it is to his body that you make appeal. His true identity is hidden from you by what

you believe he really is. His body makes response to what you call him, for his mind consents to

take the name you give him as his own. And thus his unity is twice denied, for you perceive

him separate from you, and he accepts this separate from you, and he accepts this separate

name as his.

God has many Names. And yet His Name becomes the final lesson that all things are one, and

at this lesson does all learning end. All names are unified; all space is filled with truth's

reflection. Every gap is closed, and separation healed.

The Name of God is the inheritance He gave to those who chose the teaching of the world to

take the place of Heaven. In our practicing, our purpose is to let our minds accept what God

has given as the answer to the pitiful inheritance you made as fitting tribute the Son He loves.

No one can fail who seeks the meaning of the Name of God.

Experience MUST come to supplement the Word. The Kingdom of God doesn't come in word,

it comes in God's power.

But first you must accept the Name for all reality, and realize the many names you gave its

aspects have distorted what you see, but have not interfered with Truth at all.

One Name we bring into our practicing. One Name we use to unify our sight.

And though we use a different name for each awareness of as aspect of God's Son, we

understand that they have but one Name, Which He Has given them.

It is in this Name we use in Practicing. And through It's use, all foolish separations disappear

which kept us blind. And we are given strength to see beyond them.

 NOW....our sight is blessed with blessings we can give as we receive.

His Name Is....

Father, our Name is Yours. In It we are united with all living things and You Who are their one

Creator. What we made and call by many different names is but a shadow we have tried to

cast across. Your Own Reality. And we are glad and thankful we were wrong. All our mistakes

we give to You, that we may be absolved from all effects our errors seemed to have. And we

accept the truth You give, in place of every one of them. Your Name is our salvation and

escape from what we made. Your Name unites us in the oneness which is our inheritance and


In Jesus Name. Amen.




Peace is the Bridge that everyone will cross

Peace is the bridge that everyone will cross, to leave this world behind. But peace begins within

the world perceived as different, and leading from this fresh perception to the gate of Heaven

and the way beyond. Peace is the answer to conflicting goals, to senseless journeys, frantic,

vain pursuits, and meaningless endeavors. Now the way is easy, sloping gently toward the bridge

where freedom lies within the peace of God.

What does forgiveness do? It's the window in which peace must enter. Accepting God's

forgiveness of confessional Godly remorse of ones' sin. The Start of a journey of Freedom!

In truth it has no function, and does nothing. For it is unknown in Heaven. It is only hell where

it is needed, and where it must serve a mighty function.

There is no peace except the peace of God, because He has one Son who cannot make a world

in opposition to God's Will and to his own, which is the same as His.

What could he hope to find in such a world?

God alone is sure, He will guide our footsteps. He will not desert His Son in need.

Today we seek no idols. Peace can not be found in them. The peace of God is ours, and only

this will we accept and want. Peace be to us today. For we have found a simple, happy way

to leave the world of ambiguity, and to replace our shifting goals and solitary dreams with

single purpose and companionship. For peace is union, if it be of God. We seek no further.

We are close to home, and draw still nearer every time we say:

There is no peace except the peace of God, And I am glad and thankful it is so.

Blessing with His word passed on to you in love and faith. Peace be with you from the

Father and the Son.

Course in Miracles The Advent of a Great Awakening

Christ will return and bring total victory to all who trust in him. We should not be afraid when

we see evil increase. God is in control, no matter how evil the world becomes. God guards us

during satan's attacks.

We must never get tired of doing right that we quit. We can be persistent by making the most

of our time and talents. Our endurance will be rewarded.

Yes, I am coming soon, as I testify of these things....Lord Jesus come.

Revelation closes human history as Genesis opened it--in paradise. But there is one distinct

difference in Revelation--evil is gone forever. Genesis describes Adam and Eve walking and

talking in the Garden with God. Revelation describes people worshiping God face to face.

Genesis describes a garden with an evil serpent. Revelation describes a perfect city with no

evil. The garden of eden was destroyed by sin; but paradise is recreated in the new Jerusalem.